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        • Name: CVD diamond heat sink films(CVDK)
        • Number: BLX005HK
        • Release time: 2015-06-23
        • Views : 106

        CVD diamond is an excellent insulation material, it is a ideal heat sink material in the high-power electronic and optoelectronic devices .

        •thermal conductivity 1200~ 2000W/m•K (@ 300K),
        • Resistivity >106Ω•cm.
        • Coefficient of thermal expansion ~1.4×10-6℃-1
        • Single or double sided polishing available, Between 0.2 mm and 1.5 mm.
        • Tolerance of Thickness: ±30um.
        • Flatness: <5um/cm.
        • serve as heat sink in laser diodes , as packaging materials in high-density integrated circuits and power microwave devices.