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        CVD金刚石工具在齿轮成型加工中的优势/The Advance of CVD Diamond Dresser in Gear Dressing

        Writer:Vera LuoSource:self edited Number of visits: Date:May 21,2018


        在大齿轮成型磨中,尺寸的稳定性是很关键的一环.因此对修整技术有极高的要求. CVD 金刚石在此方面具备明显优势, 能使齿轮磨削的准确性和加工稳定性得以极大的改善和提高. 
        Gear grinding is one of the last processes in gear production, the CVD diamond rotary diamond dressers can combine long life with a correctly profiled grinding wheel to produce highly accurate geometries and the best-quality surface finish.
        CVD金刚石工具具有如下优势CVDdiamond have below advantages:
        The CVD diamond wheel greatly reduces dressing time, improves production efficiency, and reduces equipment loss.
        金刚石滚轮修整的工件的加工尺寸,形状精度高, 在修整过程中能大量降低次品率
        diamond wheel dressing can make sure the high precision of the workpiece’s dimension and shape, it also can help to reduce defective rate in the dressing process.
        The CVD diamond tool is durable, low replacement rate, can help enterprises to save grinding costs. 
        CVD diamond dressers, which have long service life can be qualified for this dressing process, and being widely applied in the gear dressing. Innovative and continuous development of gear dresser manufacturing processes guarantees to deliver process-optimized dressing solutions for all machine systems. And as the CVD diamond maker, we keep the faith of quality goes first, to develop with the tool industry.


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