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        Tianjin Baolixin---Devot for the best CVD diamond

        Writer:Vera LuoSource:self edited Number of visits: Date:Dec 22,2017

        Tianjin Baolixin Superhard Materials Co., Ltd is devoted to production of polycrystalline CVD diamond products, the products can be applied into industrial cutting and dressing, wire drawing, optics, thermal, medical, electrochemical applications, etc.

         Our polycrystalline CVD (chemical vapour deposition) synthetic diamond products are manufactured by advanced DC ARC Plasma Jet machines, and are subject to tightly controlled growth conditions during manufacturing and equally stringent quality control procedures. The result of production is polycrystalline CVD diamond, an engineered material that is highly consistent and has predictable properties and behaviour required for cutting tools, wire drawing and dressing applications. It cost far less than the natural diamond, but acquire the equal stable wear resistance, which makes the CVD diamond being much more suitable for the industrial application.

        Nearly decade of development, Baolixin Superhard Materials keep innovating and upgrading the production technology, the product quality being more and more stable, and our product capability gained a qualitative leap, the product has been engineered for a wide range of applications. Each grade has been designed to meet the needs of a particular application area and to exploit one or more of synthetic diamond's unique properties. Advanced machines, precision test equipments, and skilled employees being the assurance of our product quality, and what make us keep growing is our original will that to make our products meet different demands of the customers'.

        Our products divided into below kinds, and if there have any need to learn more about us please see the product catalogue in our website www.tjcvddiamond.com.cn .

        ---CVD diamond wafer

        ---CVD diamond sticks for dressing application

        ---CVD diamond cubes and shaped knife segments for cutting application

        ---CVD diamond dies for wire drawing application

        ---CVD diamond film for optical window

        ---CVD diamond heatsink for thermal application

        ---Customized CVD diamond for other application